Privacy policy

O’Natural respects the privacy rights of all users who visit our website and would like to clarify with you the use of your personal information.

This Privacy Notice applies to the following persons:

  1. The operator or owner of the following website is referred to as O’Natural.
  2. A website visitor is someone who opens a website page or reads information on any page of the website.
  3. Website users are people who use online shopping services or apply for membership with the website system.

The website has established a privacy policy to enhance the security standards of personal information of visitors and users of the website. And to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Therefore, we recommend that you read this Privacy Policy to learn and understand the practices that the website adheres to in treating your personal information.

– Purpose of collecting personal information

The website will collect your personal information according to the purposes of website operation, as follows.

  1. To use in online marketing and advertising activities
  2. To analyze website visitor data and market research
  3. To verify website users who want to log in to the website
  4. To be used as information for delivery of goods
  5. To be used as information to contact users of the website.
  6. To develop the website and provide a personalized experience for website visitors.

– Personal data collected by the website

The website collects your personal information through the use of the website and registration, the information we collect is as follows:

  1. Name-surname of the website user
  2. E-mail address of the website user
  3. Information for logging in to the website is the username set up by the user of the website. Or automatically generated by the system and the password set by the user of the website
  4. Address of the website user
  5. Phone number of the website user
  6. Computer traffic data of website visitors is used for analyzing and optimizing the security of the website.

– Security of personal information

The website values your personal information and will take effective measures to keep your information safe at all times. Therefore, we have implemented technology and policies with the objective of protecting your personal information from unauthorized access and improper use. We will use new technologies available as we develop the website to improve these measures from time to time.

On the website, there may be links to other websites, or you may use links on other websites to access our website. We ask that you understand that the website cannot be held responsible for the privacy protection policies and procedures of other websites. Therefore, please study the privacy policies and practices of the website you visit before and after visiting our website through the links on the website.

However, the website cannot control or be held responsible for the use of personal information by third parties or external organizations that receive information from you through this website, so we recommend that you consider accepting or refusing such use in accordance with what we have informed above.


Data protection policy

O Natural (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (referred to as “O Natural”)  takes into account the importance of personal information and the protection of personal information, therefore is committed to the security of information including your privacy so that you can trust the rest assured that the Company has transparency and responsibility in collecting, disclosing or transferring your information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and other relevant laws. The company therefore has established a personal data protection policy. (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) to clarify to you the details regarding the collection, disclosure of your information, or the transfer of such information by the Company as follows:

1) Definition

“Personal data” means information about an individual that can be directly or indirectly identified, such as name, address, and date of birth. Gender, education history, phone number, national identity number, but does not cover the information of the deceased.

“Sensitive Personal Data” means information that is genuinely personal to an individual but is sensitive and may be subject to unfair discrimination, such as race, political opinions, criminal history, and health information. Or any other information that affects the owner of personal data in the same way that the Personal Data Protection Committee

“Personal Data Protection Committee” means a committee appointed with duties and powers to issue rules, measures or other practices related to personal data protection under the Personal Data Protection Act.

“Affiliates” means companies listed in the table attached to this policy.

2) Collection of Personal Information

The collection of personal data can be done under the purpose and only as necessary according to the objective framework or for the benefit that is directly related to the purpose of collection by informing the data owner to give consent electronically or by any other method of the company

In case the company collects sensitive personal data of the data subject, the company will request the explicit consent of the data subject before collecting, unless the collection of personal data and sensitive personal data falls under the Personal Data Protection Act. Or other laws

3) Use or Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company will not disclose the personal information of the data subject to any person without their consent and will disclose it according to the stated purpose. It is necessary to disclose the personal information of the data subject to affiliated companies or other persons both domestic and foreign, such as service providers who have to perform tasks related to personal information. To such persons, the Company will proceed for those persons to keep their personal information confidential and not use it for purposes other than the scope specified by the Company.

In addition, the company may disclose the personal data of the data subject under the rules prescribed by law, such as disclosure to government agencies, government agencies, regulators, including in cases where disclosure is requested by virtue of law, such as requests for information for litigation or legal proceedings or requests from private entities or other third parties in connection with legal proceedings.

4) Purpose of collection or use of personal information

The company will collect or use the personal information of the data subject for the benefit of the company’s operations, such as contracts, space rental services, membership subscriptions, lounge services, including various privileges, and conducting company activities. Various coordination or to improve the quality of work to be more efficient, such as the preparation of a database, analysis and system development operation process and any other business of the Company or for any other purposes that are not prohibited by law or to comply with laws or regulations related to the Company’s operations, whereby the Company will collect and use such information in accordance with As long as necessary for the purposes that have been notified to the data subject or as required by law.

The Company will not do anything different from what is specified in the purpose of data collection unless it has informed the data subject of the new purpose and has obtained the data subject’s consent in compliance with the Personal Data Act. Or other relevant laws

5) Personal Data Security Measures

Implementation of measures for the security of personal information

The Company has put in place appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized or unauthorized loss, access, use, alteration, or disclosure of personal data.

In disclosing personal data to data processors, the Company shall supervise other persons to whom the Company appropriately entrusts the processing of personal data in accordance with their instructions or on behalf of the Company.


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